Sr. No. Properties Specified values as per IS:2049-1995 Type S, HGS/V.L.S 0.80 MM
1Thickness.80 mm (± 10%)
2Resistance to surface wear100-150 (Revolutions)
3Resistance to immersion in boiling water
- Mass Increase (%)12.0% (maximum)
- Thickness Increase (%)13.8% (maximum)
- AppearanceNot worse than 4
4Resistance to dry heat 180 °C×
5Dimentional Stability at Elevated Temperature
- Longitudinal (%)0.625% (maximum)
- Transverse (%)1.150% (maximum)
6Dimentional Stability at 20 °C
- Longitudinal (%)0.425% (maximum)
- Transverse (%)0.700% (maximum)
7Resistance to Impact by small15 N (minimum)
8Resistance to CrackingNot worse than 4
9Resistance to Schratching1.5 N (minimum)
10Resistance to StainingNot worse than 5
11Resistance to Colour change (wood standard)
- In xenon arc lightNot worse than 6
- In enclosed carbon arc lightNot worse than 5
12Resistance to Cigarete burns×
13Resistance to steamNot worse than 4
14AppearanceShould be free from foreign particles