Lahari ECP is a high quality building product, innovative, practical and durable solution for all your building façade. These panels are available in large formats. Flat panel have wide application for façade, cladding, durable balcony and fencing etc. The exceptional characteristics of “Lahari ECP” makes this product a versatile solution with simple installation and maintenance.

Thereby improving the look, performance and durability of any building. Lahari ECP confirms to EN438 standards and are produced in a thermosetting press at high pressure and temperature. The additional acrylic PUR resins provides extreme weather protection that is particularly suitable for long lasting exterior application.


Fire Resistance

Easy Installation

No Swelling

High Impact Strength

Non Toxic

Environment Friendly

Corrosion Resistance

Maintenance Free

Water & Moisture Resistance

Light Weight

Sound Proof

Termites & Pests Proof


Lahari Laminates compact laminate “Lahari ECP” is a solid phenolic engineered exterior façade panel having a decorative surface on both the sides. Robust and resilient, these rigid homogeneous panels are manufactured by Lahari laminates, using tough thermosetting resins reinforced with cellulose fibre for added strength and durability.

An acrylic overlay provides enhanced UV protection and the panels are rigorously tested for severe use in accordance with EN-438, making them ideal for application in ventilated facades and other external building elements.


Lahari ECP are low-maintenance. Thanks to its homogeneous and pore-free surface, it does not require any special care. However, after processing and finishing or over the course of time, it may be necessary to clean the surface.

The recommended cleaning procedures apply to surface contaminations resulting from the general use, processing and installation of Lahari ECP.

Cleaning Method

  • Light dirt can be removed with clear, lukewarm water, Heavier dirt can be removed with soap suds or a liquid solution.
  • Use non-abrative household cleaning products diluted in water.
  • Use fine and clean cloth or sponge.
  • Always rinse with clean, clear water to prevent streaks from forming.

The following cleaning agents must never be used:

  • Abrasive cleaning agents (e.g., scrubbing powder and abrasive cleaning liquids)
  • Solvents and solvent cleaners (e.g., acetone, benzene, thinner etc.)
  • Scrubbing and abrasive cleaning rags or sponges (e.g., micro-fiber cloth, scrubbing sponge, steel wool etc.)
  • High-pressure cleaners and steam cleaners.


Size: 2440x1220 mm

Thickness: 6 mm (also available in higher thickness)

size structure


Sr. No. Properties EDF Grade Specification As per EN 438-part 6 LAHARI ECP VALUES
1 Thickness mm (max.) 500 ≤ t < 8.00 mm 6.00 ± 0.º0 mm 6.15 mm
1 Thickness mm (max.) 500 ≤ t < 8.00 mm 6.00 ± 0.º0 mm 6.15 mm
2Length mmmm2441.00 mm
3Width mmmm1221.00 mm
4Edge Straightness mm (max.)1.50 mm / in0.90 mm / in
5Edge Straightness mm (max.)1.50 mm / in0.80 mm / in
6Flatness mm (max.)
2.00 ≤ t < 6.00 mm8.00 mm / in4.00 mm / in
6.00 ≤ t < 10.00 mm5.00 mm / in2.50 mm / in
T ≤ 10.00 mm3.00 mm / in1.30 mm / in
7Flexural Modulus (min.)9000 Mpa.13966 Mpa.
8Flexural Strength (Min.)1.50 mm / in114 Mpa.
9Tensile Strength (min.)1.50 mm / in66 Mpa.
10Density, gin. / cm3 (min.)1.50 mm / in1.45 gin. / cm3
11Resistance to impact by large diameter ball,
a) Drop height mm (min.)
2.00 ≤ t < 5.00 mm (t = nominal thickness)1400.00 mm1600.00 mm
t ± 5.00 mm1800.00 mm2000.00 mm
b) Indentation dia. mm (max.)100.0O mm6.00 mm
12Resistance to wet conditions
a) Mass increase % (max.)
2.00 ≤ t < 5.00 mm (t = nominal thickness)0.10.04
t ≥ 5.00 mm.0.080.03
b) Appearance not worse thanRating 4Rating 5
13Dimensional stability at elevated temperature,
2.00 ≤ t < 5.00 mm (I = nominal thickness)
a) Longitudinal % (max.)0.0040.0025
b) Transverse % (max.)0.0080.0045
I ± 5.00 mm
a) Longitudinal % (max.)0.0030.002
D) Transverse % (max.)0.0060.004
14Resistance to climatic shock
a) AppearanceRating4Rating 4
b) Flexural Strength index (min.)0.951.1
c) Flexural modulus index (min.)0.951.5
15Resistance to artificial weathering (Including Light fastness)After 650 MJ / m2 radiant3000 hrs passes
Exposure (3000 hrs)
a) Gray scale rating (not worse than)Rating 3Rating 4
a) Gray scale rating (not worse than)Rating 4Rating 4
16Resistance to UV lightAter 1500 hrs Exposure1500 hrs passes
a) Gray scale rating (not worse than)Rating 3Rating 4
b) Appearance (min.)Rating 4Rating 4
17Spread of flameClass IClass 1
Remark: E (Exterior Grade), D ( Severe use), F (Flame Retardant Grade)